Michael Schaefer (Silver Stone Mortgage)

650 N Westhill Blvd

Appleton , WI 54914

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Get to know Michael Schaefer

"Providing clear and concise information for your best choice in mortgage options."

From FHA to Conventional, VA to Rural Housing, First time Homebuyer to Investment, Michael has over 9 years experience as a loan officer. He has a working knowledge of the many changes in mortgage products and qualifications. When customers are deciding on what is possibly the biggest investment in their life, it is essential to have all the facts in making their decision. By truly listening and understanding his customer's needs, Michael provides his customers the information on all their mortgage options. After meeting with Michael, his customers have 100% confidence in making their decision. By taking a complete application and collecting the appropriate documentation upfront, Michael's customers are fully Pre Approved, and completely understand the mortgage process from application to closing on their new home. In providing the absolute best information, communication, and service throughout the entire process and beyond, Michael has earned a high trust relationship with both his customers and business partners.


While understanding the process is important in any home loan transaction, it is crucial when buying your first home. With so many loan options and associated costs available, the process can be daunting to the most seasoned of home buyer. It is absolutely essential to find a lending partner willing to take the time to explain the available options at time of application, and make them self available for questions or concerns throughout. While sometimes overlooked by other lenders, I consider the building of a high trust relationship with my customers the keystone in a successful transaction. It is my goal that after initial contact with potential clients, they have the trust and confidence in me to guide them not only through the lending process, but through the life of our relationship. It's my job to ensure my clients have a complete and accurate understanding of their loan options and all the costs associated with their transaction. It is my promise that no matter what my customer's individual qualifications are, they will be aware of all the options available to them, and get the best possible rates and terms for the home loan of their choice.

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