Michael  Snedeker, Experienced One-on-One Business Coach (Shellback Industries)

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Get to know Michael Snedeker

In addition to his work as a small business owner, Michael Snedeker serves as a certified business coach for Action Coach. A member of the Waltham, Massachusetts, Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Waltham Partnership, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts. Michael Snedeker draws on his experience in the financial industry to provide tools like business health checks, profit calculators, and marketing tests to small businesses in addition to offering a range of one-on-one coaching programs through Action Coach.

Designed to help business owners improve various elements of their businesses, Michael Snedeker’s coaching programs vary in frequency and length. The most in depth program, FreedomCOACH, is good for businesses already experiencing some growth but not yet at their goals. The program presents long-term challenges to committed business owners to make valuable personal and professional challenges. Other programs help business owners establish or grow their market share. To help potential clients decide on the best programs, he offers free no-obligation consultations.