Villages at Crest Mountain

6 celebration pl

Asheville , NC 28806

The Villages at Crest Mountain is a comprehensive L.E.E.D. registered neighborhood in the mountains of Western North Carolina. This affordable eco-community is just 5 miles from downtown Asheville.

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The Villages at Crest Mountain believes in the fundamental community ideals of balance and responsibility. We believe in social and ecological diversity and that built environments can be healthy, productive and stylish. We choose smart over big, health over indulgence, community over expediency, and inclusion over division.

Think It We are implementing the latest green technologies, including photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting on a development-wide scale. The intent of the photovoltaic array is to offset the electricity used by common area amenities, and to generate income by selling green power back into the grid.

Build It We carefully selected home models and builders that represent the utmost in quality, efficiency and style. Our builders have been pioneers in the widely regarded WNC green building movement. We offer a range of styles and prices - all NC Healthy Built and Energy Star Certified.

Grow It Residents will enjoy a comprehensive edible landscape, including: common gardens, a greenhouse, orchards, vineyards and berry patches, along with ornamental plantings. Each homeowner will have the opportunity to work with our highly acclaimed permaculturalist to create custom landscaped home sites.

Live It We are serious about nurturing inclusion, community and harmony within the Villages at Crest Mountain. We are using many tools to encourage a diverse community lifestyle: a community social network, open-air common buildings, a pub/co-op, and extensive community green space.

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Photovoltaic Solar - We are installing several photovoltaic solar arrays on Common Building rooftops. The solar arrays will produce power for streetlights and community features. A future enlargement of the system may offset homeowner association expenses. Individual homes will include basic solar infrastructure to ease future renewable energy expansion.

Permaculture - Every resident receives a private consultation with our permaculture expert to custom design their lot’s landscape, which will be installed by the Villages at Crest Mountain. A $2,500 landscaping budget is standard with every home (more than double the average for homes this price in the area). There are several upgrade options to allow our residents to work with one of the region’s most respected permaculturists to design a more extensive personal landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting - Together with Brown Consultant engineers, we have designed a localized stormwater retention strategy, using the newly installed stormwater system as the storage vessel for use in the community gardens and greenhouse. Using weirs and pumps, we will store stormwater in key locations and pump it to the surface for irrigation. The stormwater retention strategy lowered the material impact of the project, while reusing the water resource that would typically flow off-site.

Green Building Techniques - All structures are built with environmentally sensitive materials and must have the minimum standard of Silver Level Healthy Built Homes certification. Our energy expert will conduct Home Energy Rating Scores and Blower Door Tests for all homes. Visit Our Home Plans for additional green building techniques used in the Villages at Crest Mountain.

Live/Work/Play - Residents can live, work and play in their community at the Villages at Crest Mountain, minimizing transportation needs and reducing greenhouse gases.

Live: Our stylish eco-cottages are designed and constructed with energy efficiency, affordability and quality in mind. We offer an extensive range of personal finishes and green upgrades, enabling residents to customize homes to fit various budgets and needs. Work: Crest Mountain is proud to house Hanger Hall, an acclaimed girl’s middle school, on-site professional office suites and the Crest Center and Pavilion event spaces. Villages at Crest Mountain residents can create their own office environment in their home or separate office studio. Play: Extensive greenspace encourages outdoor activity. We also plan to build a pub and community co-op within walking distance of the Villages at Crest Mountain. The co-op will provide for basic needs and groceries, as well as a market for residents’ artisan crafts and excess produce from community gardens.