Michael Wicklund (Pro 100 Inc., Realtors)
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Michael J. Wicklund, Realtor C/O: Pro 100 Inc., Realtors 2401 E. 32nd Street Suite 1 Joplin, Missouri 64804

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As a local Southwest Missouri Real Estate Agent, i have proven myself to the community that i am a hardworking Realtor whose goal in the transaction is to get the job done. Many of my clients have become repeat customers because of the fact that they can sit back, relax and let a professional do all the work with no worries. I have only been a Realtor since 2006, but i was a Multi-Million Dollar Producer that very first year! I worked hard in 2006 to meet all of my clients expectations and desires. I spent many long hours at the office, searching for homes and finding new ways to advertise my listings.

Many of my clients have stated that i go "the extra mile" for them. I have mowed last minute yards while my clients are at the closing table. I have scraped paint off windows to meet an FHA loan deadline. I have installed guttering, just to save a client a few dollars on a deal. I do not pat myself on the back for these extra things but to instill in my clients that i am a hard working self motivated Realtor who will do whatever i can to please my clients.

Personal Profile

I have lived in Southwest Missouri my whole life. I am very passionate about this area and know the roads, people and ways of living like the back of my hand. Southwest Missouri has so much to offer and I want people to see this when they come to look at homes with me. I am show more than house, i show them the landscape.... I am a tour guide for the Joplin area! :)

Currently serve on the Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors MLS committee Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Ten Producer for Fall 2007 Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Ten Producer for Winter 2007 Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Ten Producer for Spring 2008 Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Ten Producer for Summer 2008. Pro 100 Inc., Realtors TOP 5 PRODUCER FOR COMPLETE YEAR OF 2008!!!! Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Producer for 2009 Pro 100 Inc., Realtors Top Prodicer for 2010 selling over $2.5 million dollars in Real Estate in the Joplin Metro Area Multi-Million Dollar Producer and much much more!

But its not all about the credentials.

its about service and duty to the customer!


My area of expertise would most likely be in the area of Short Sales, Repos and Investment properties. Almost half of my current 32 transactions this year have been Repos and Short Sales. I do sell several Residential Single Family homes every year.

I enjoy working with investors from both in state and out of state. They challenge me to look for the best deals in town but also to treat every deal as though it were my own personal money i was investing.

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