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Nathan Services Inc is purchasing Commercial and or Multi-Family Income-producing Real Estate directly from the owner ; Mortgage Purchases; creative financing and Legal Services for Small Businesses.

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Nathan Services Inc is a VAR for services on the world wide web, who offers Visa MasterCard Processing alternatives to Network members who are Home-based Business entreprneurs, and is an active real estate investor in commerical properties, especially properties with special needs or circumstances.


To sell your property to NSI please send a fax to 512-692-9459. We also sell promissory notes and Deeds of Trust to investors.

   We Sell Artwork,  Buy Mortgages/Promissory notes/IRAs,  Trust Deeds and offer creative Authentic African American Artwork.

If you have inherited Real Estate and would like to sell before Probate; contact here and an arrangement for purchase can be made within 30-90 days if located in the State of Texas.



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Get legal services  included in your Small Business benefits package, if you will simply network with us we can arrange for you to have Legal & Home Benefits, which is access to Legal Counsel while you are a Home entreprenuer who works from your home. You'll get benefits just like an employee of a fortune 500 company.

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Small Business Benefits, Home-Based Business Benefits; Legal services to protect from IRS Audits, Litigations, or even Tickets from out of your Town-jurisdiction. 

We Buy Mortgages, Trust Deeds and Annuities from home Sellers or Commercial Property Owners.

Buyer of Commercial Real Estate that is income-producing.


We enjoy helping customers find the right choices; especially baby boomers who are now in retirement.


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