Nick Bostic (Chicago Title of Oregon)
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I teach the real estate professionals in my area about how to best use technology - hardware, software and the internet - to better their business and be more successful.

Get to know Nick Bostic

I am the Director of Marketing & Technology for Chicago Title of Oregon. On the side, I am a small business marketing constulant with an emphasis on incorporating technology marketing (blogging, social networking, email marketing, SEM/SEO) with traditional marketing (print, local promotions).  I have literally grown up with technology, having assembled my first (of 5 in the house) computer back when most people were considered lucky if they had one computer, being the only kid in my 7th grade class with a cell phone (the Moto brick) and starting web design the same year HTML was ratified as a standard.

Nick Bostic's Blog Posts


 I am an expert at all types of technology including (but not limited to):

Blogging Social Networking Designing and conducting classes HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/Javascript programming SEO/SEM Email Marketing All Microsoft Software All Adobe/Macromedia Software Cell Phones/PDA's/Laptop Cards Computer hardware Digital Cameras

And pretty much anything else you can rattle off at me.