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Ginger’s combination of investment knowledge and entrepreneurial experience are a rare find for individuals looking for guidance in the property investment business.

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In 2000, Ginger Hauser was a divorced, single mother raising her daughter Brandi, who was six at the time and son Chase, who was three then. Working hard as a hairstylist just trying to make ends meet, Ginger knew she needed to do something different. She remembered seeing a sign on the side of the road that read WORK FROM HOME. Times were tough and she thought it couldn't hurt to call. What she didn't know at the time was that this would be the call to begin a new chapter in her life.

It's been only six years since that call and a lot has changed in Ginger's life. She's now an Investment Property Specialist, building a business success story. In the first year, Ginger and her partner purchased $1.2 million in properties totaling nine units, while using no money of their own. Ginger attributes much of their early success to a solid business plan, their banker who believed in them, and having the drive to persevere. Continuing to build on that success, Ginger thinks about what it took to get there and how sharing her experience could help women in situations similar to where she was in 2000.

The phone call that started it all was to a company called Herbalife. They were looking for ambitious people interested in owning their own Herbalife health and wellness business. Ginger decided it was time to make a move and before long was engrossed in the company's training program. "They put a lot of books in our hands," The most influential books she read were Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash flow Quadrant. The former would whet her appetite to attack the real estate field, but it was the latter that would put her on the road to becoming a real estate investor.

Still running the Herbalife business, Ginger and partner decided to buy their first income property in 2003. The agent they were working with found a duplex and urged them to act quickly, saying it was new on the market and would go fast. The new investors, trusting their agent's advice, put down a full-price offer and waived the home inspection. Looking back, Ginger says this is the worst advice any agent could ever give a buyer. "Within two weeks after closing we had our first problem with the septic system and now looking back at comps of the area, we paid too much for the property."

Dazed but undiscouraged by the experience, Ginger decided that she could do a better job than their agent. Before long she earned her real estate license and real estate broker's license.

Now, Ginger gets to help mentor beginner investors.

"My main goal is to help educate buyer/investors about the real estate investment market." There are several areas to choose from, too. Anything from condo conversions, buy & hold properties to rehabs, large multi-family complexes, wholesaling, foreclosures, short sales, & lease options. Ginger knows the importance of educating her clients on the details. She discusses positives and more importantly, negatives of each potential purchase. Specifics pertaining to the cash flow a property can generate, the lease situation and resale potential are all essential elements to factor in before buying or selling any property.

"There are currently a lot of properties on the market that do not make any sense as far as numbers go, whether someone is looking to buy and hold, fix and flip, or condo-convert, etc...

When she and her partner first started investing, their original goal was to buy the properties and live in them for six months so they could purchase them with no money. It was a good way to get started, but it wasn't until they learned about condo conversion that things really started taking off. A combination of low interest rates and rising home values triggered a need for affordable housing, and condos met that need. They were able to condo convert their first four-unit, sell each unit and walk away with a net gain of $50,000 within eight months of its purchase. Ginger has learned how to acheive over a six figure income from real estate.

Ginger's combination of investment knowledge and entrepreneurial experience are a rare find for individuals looking for guidance in the property investment business. She continues to educate herself with some of the best real estate investment education available, so she is able to mentor and teach new investors about the latest real estate investment opportunities. She especially enjoys mentoring women interested in investment real estate. She knows the obstacles women face and how to transcend those obstacles to achieve success. For her it is all about paying it forward.

Call Ginger today to see if she can help make a difference in your life. . She can be reached at (608) 444-6324

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