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Nicholas Ellsworth
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Get to Know Nicholas Ellsworth

I am a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been working in Title and Escrow since the age of 18. My specialties include real estate marketing, real estate technology, and other property information specialties. I am a proud recipient of the highest level of achievement for North American Title. In 2007 I received the Gold Award for generating over $1 million in revenue for our office, and have generated over $2 million each year thereafter. Hobbies include playing music, fishing, sports and spending time with family and friends.


As mentioned in the "About me" section, my specialties revolve closely around real estate marketing and real estate statistics.  When it comes to target marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm the guy for the job.  I previously headed up our customer service division for 14 counties in California.  This is where all of the behind the scenes, hands-on marketing takes place.  Here are some examples of some of the ideas I am able to share with you:

1.  Farm Analysis Worksheet - choose a city, county, neighborhood, etc. and I can create a Farm Analysis that will reflect, among other things, turnover ratios for the last 5 years.  This will help you determine whether or not your target area is "hot" or if it lacks the amount of turnover needed to justify your time and money invested in marketing to this neighborhood.

2.  Suddenly Single - Target homeowners who've recently had a divorce, or who've recently been married.

These are just two examples of hundreds that I would be delighted to share with you.


I am an account manager for North American Title specializing in business development for realtors and lenders. I represent four escrow officers who combine for over 80 years of escrow experience.