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Terry Lewis
Seller Financing, Lending, Broker
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Get to Know Terry Lewis

Terry Lewis has successfully owned and operated a mortgage company over the last 25 years. Terry, a licensed real estate agent and broker for 31 years, has combined  expertise and experience to fulfill a growing need in the real estate industry, seller financing compliance. Along with years of experience, Terry believeves that the secret to home ownership lies in that people deserve an affordabale home at reasonable terms. Terry started in the real estate business in the early 1980s and experienced a similar market as todays. The new seller financing regulations in Dodd Frank and the S.A.F.E. Act are going to create a paradigm shift in the way private loans are originated, disclosed, and transacted. Now more than ever agents, brokers and home sellers need to know the laws and disclosure requirements to protect their assets and livleyhood.  For a complete understanding of these new regulations visit and become a VIP member. 



Note Builders, Inc. is on the leading edge of carryback seller financing and has the experience to make the transaction as seamless as possible.  Our chief underwriters have over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate sales and finance spaces.   This particular portion of our business is designed to give sellers a brief synopsis of things that sellers should be aware of when carrying back a note. 

     You should:
-    Make sure the buyers are qualified and vetted by Note Builders as a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator
-    Run a credit report on the buyers of your property
-    Negotiate terms that make sense for you and obtain the highest yield on your investment
-    Have Note Builders  prepare the appropriate disclosures for the seller, buyer, and agent involved in the transaction
-    Have Note Builders prepare the note and deed of trust for your buyer based on the terms you’ve negotiated
-    Ascertain the terms of the existing financing that you’re leaving intact
-    Determine how much of a down payment and “skin in the game” that you want from the buyer
-    Require a loan application (be careful with this one because a licensed MLO is the only one who can interpret this in most circumstances)
-    Assess the collateral (your property) and attempt to obtain additional or substitute collateral
-    Have Note Builders determine an appropriate interest rate per real estate and tax law
-    Hire a loan servicing company to service the loan and protect the value of your investment


Note Builders is a MLO, licensed in California. Specializing in seller financed compliant transactions. Dodd Frank and the S.A.F.E. Act require a MLO to sign off on many of owner carry transactions.