Beth Richardson (Options - Oh My!)
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Notary Public (Mobile Service and Weekend/Holiday Service), Personal Organizer, Life Events Coordinator, Downsizing & Blending of Households Coordinator

Get to know Beth Richardson

Beth Richardson, Life Events Coordinator has a real knack for coordinating & organizing. She is very result oriented and able to create a plan so you get from "A" to "Z" in a project with as little stress as possible. This gal loves to ORGANIZE. How does she do it, you might be wondering, she is successful because she draws from her years of experience. Beth is good at utilizing her methodical analytical thinking in creative ways. Just read what clients have written about their experiences with her.

Uncommon thinking about common experiences provides options. Beth is available to help you reach your heart and soul's desires. Together we can manage change in your life, one project or one "To Do List"  at a time.


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Organizing Professional Errand Service Life Transitions (Downsizing, Moving, Etc.) Notary Public (Will travel to your location) Auto Repairs/Maintenance/Tag Renewal Out-door Upgrade Project Coordinator Home Improvement Project Coordinator Party Planning/Coordinator Delivery/Pick-up Service (Supported by GPS) All those Holiday Events Home Sitting Pet Sitting/Vet Appointments