Kim Bliznesky (HomeFirst Mortgage Inc)
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PA Licensed Mortgage Broker. Over 30 years in the financial industry. Fast, free, no bull prequalifications.

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 I pride myself in customer service and availability to my customers.  I have over 30 years in the banking industry, am a member of PAMB and NAMB and am licensed by the PA dept of banking.   I work with all types of borrowers  from problem credit to perfect credit and will help your borrowers straighten their credit out if necessary to obtain a mortgage loan.

What is important to me is that borrowers become homeowners and stay homeowners.  No bull prequalifications, I don't rose coat the situation.....instead I work with your borrowers to improve their credit and maybe they don't buy today but they should be able to buy in the near future.

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I specialize in 100% financing.  Borrowers whether current home owners or first time homeowners.  Don't get me wrong I love it when a customer has down payment but lets face it with closing costs and evrything families face today most don't have 20% to put down on a new home

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