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In January, 2011 I began working as a Closing Coordinator for a very successful Real Estate Broker. As a closing coordinator I was asked many questions by the new-home owners about their new community.   In March my idea of producing an web-site information guide became a reality. The guide had to be unique and interesting while at the same time  be very informative answering new-home owner’s “what, where, and when” questions about the community.

Triangle Closers’™ Open Your Door™ guide was developed and is produced specifically for the Real Estate Market.  The OYD™ guide is being marketed as a two-in-one opportunity for Brokers/Agents, as a Marketing tool for the Real Estate Brokers/Agents and as a closing gift for the new-home owner clients.  Today’s Real Estate Market is highly competitive and the challenge to a Broker/Agent is to insure name recognition is strong so that previous clients will a good referral. The OYD™ guides are effective tools that will work for Brokers/Agents.  Industry studies have proven that making sure a name is in front of a client a minimum of 25 times is important to their success. The OYD™ guides are designed specifically so that the Real Estate Broker/Agent’s name is visible every time the guides are used which we believe will be with great frequency.  Included in the purchase of the OYD™ product guides are several name placement opportunities to strengthen their name recognition:  1)Brokers/Agents business card insert in front of book, 2)a jacket pocket for a Broker/Agent welcoming letter, and 3) the Broker/Agent’s business card will be placed on the Emergency and District Information card which is laminated to with stand many handlings. Included in the full version of the guide is an opportunity for the Broker/Agent to insert an advertisement.



Open Your Door™ Guides Work for Brokers:


OYD™ Guides are personalized with your contact information and unique message, keeping your name in front of clients in a subtle, personal and a helpful way for years ahead. They make the ultimate closing gift for clients, providing relevant local information to streamline the moving in process, help them get settled quickly, and welcome them into the local community…all while reinforcing your value-added service. OYD™ Guides are available in both electronic and print versions so you can provide the resource information to your clients in their preferred method. Use the OYD™ guide to help illustrate your commitment to your client and desire to include them as a valuable part of their new community…not just as another sale. OYD Guides can answer many of your new homeowners’ questions quickly and simply…and help you minimize time spent on non-revenue generating calls after closing. OYD™ helps you continue marketing and branding your name (and achieves touch point goals) with no additional effort on your part.


Open Your Door™ Guides Work for New Homeowners:


Eliminating hours of research by using your clients zip code providing specific, pre-screened website addresses associated with their local community…not those across the world. Providing current, accurate and reliable community pre-screened information, so they can spend less time at the computer not having to thumb through a multitude of web-site addresses before reaching the one they need. Supplying homeowners with the information your clients really need, from tax rates to school districts, voting locations to shopping, state history to jogging trails…and so much more! Educating them on the subtleties of each community…so they can better understand the local language, dialogues and terms used in their new area.


Saving time and making the transition to a new community easier, so they can stop moving and start living!   



OYD™ Guide is a revolutionary resource designed for new homeowners. For Agents and Brokers it serves as a closing gift & a marketing tool. We do all the research & pre-screen the local information!