Pat Zaby (InTouch Systems)

5023 Sea Pines

Dallas , TX 75287

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Pat Zaby is nationally known speaker and author whose topics include financing , technology, investments, and marketing. He encourages agents to create systems to maintain top of mind awareness.

Get to know Pat Zaby

Pat began his career in 1968 with a bachelor's degree in real estate from the University of North Texas.  His contributions to the industry through speaking, teaching, writing, and development have earned him the recognition and respect as one of the industry's authorities. 

He authors a widely read blog for real estate professionals found at with over 90,000 subscribers.  He is a Senior CRS Instructor and has been a speaker at every National Association of REALTORS' convention over 20 times.

Pat Zaby's Blog Posts


Pat Zaby was the 1990 President of the Council of Residential Specialists and the 1993 President of the REALTORS® National Marketing Institute.  He teaches CRS 200, Business Planning; CRS 204, Build Wealth; CRS 206, Technology; and CRS 205, Tax and Financing for the Residential Specialist.  

InTouch is the automatic contact system for top of mind awareness that provides content by direct mail and social media.  For less than $10 a week, InTouch will email an article to your contacts, link it along with four other articles to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post the same article to your blog each and every week of the year -- ALL AUTOMATICALLY!

Contact Management is action that speaks much louder than words. Your customers won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. This essential business activity will provide easy-to-execute strategies that will leave nothing to doubt about your concern for your customer's best interests. Basic components include data collection and communication to create "top of mind awareness" that will result in business directly and through referrals.

No-to-Low Cost Marketing is a specialty that allows agents to minimize expenses while increasing productivity to affect more net income.  Pat will demonstrate a variety of low-to-no-cost marketing ideas that will make a significant difference in securing buyers and sellers in today's challenging environment.

Investments with Single Family Homes offer the investor the opportunity to borrow large sums of money at fixed interest rates for long terms on appreciating assets with definite tax advantages and reasonable control.  Pat can simplify concepts like leverage and taxation and deliver tools that will allow the agent and investor to measure the potential return of the investment.