Doug Holladay (Doug Holladay Auctions, Inc.)
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I deal exclusivly in distressed commercial and residential properties. A 98% Auction success rate, intense marketing is the key to my success & working buyers after the auction if reserve is not met.

Get to know Doug Holladay

I have an extensive background in marketing and business.  I was raised in a Newspaper family with a background in Radio.  I'm a professional photographer, copywriter, producer and director.  Media carreer began in Los Angeles, Ca in 1984 producing programs for ESPN, CBS, Indies and Documentaries for PBS.

My advertising agency in Santa Barbara, Ca has created over 300 Television shows and 2,500 Television commercials.  Awards includ a Television Emmy, an LA Associated Press Honor ant the Ageis award (nations top honor, non broadcast).

After selling my agency, I persued my passion of restoring historic homes and reselling, that led to designing, and building single family residenses and subdividing large parcels for resale.

I obtained my Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker credentials in 1996.  Residing in Jupiter Farms, Fl with my family I seek unusual and overlook properties that I can wrap my hands around.  I don't go for quanity,  I would rather sell each project I take on.


Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.  No one will get the word out to the buyers better than I.  With an extensive network of investors, most of the properties I prep never get to auction because an acceptable offer is made prior. 

Presentation with top quality photos, copy and a huge presence on the Internet through Web Development.

I feel there is a buyer for every property, honesty is the best policy.  I disclose all and let the chips fall, when I have their trust I have a sell.  Win/Win.

Sales:  If a property does not meet reserve the day of the auction,  I have sometimes 200 names and phone numbers of people who have contacted me that I begin to work.  A contract is usually made within 30 days.

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