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Based in Naples, Florida, Rhona Sutter has over 25 years of Real Estate experience in the United States, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Europe and expertise in the Pet industry and can therefore offer a unique perspective about Pets, Real Estate, and everything in between.  Rhona has been involved in some of the most exclusive Real Estate sales and listings in Southwest Florida, the Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean as well as advising on elite Real Estate investments throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.  With her Pet Protect® and Real Estate background, Rhona has brought together an exceptional Team combining experience in the Pet and Real Estate Industries to create Pet Friendly websites:- PetProtectInc.com, PetRealtyNetwork.com, PetHealthAlert.com, PetFriendlyNaplesLiving.com, the newly launched PetFriendlyResourceDirectory.com and soon to be launched PetFriendlyRentalProperties.com

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