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An Austin TX Interior Decorating                                          and Home Staging Firm             Dedicated to Making Your World Beautiful   

Pop Décor provides a fresh concept in home staging and interior decorating, committed to providing you with unique ways of making your home beautiful to live in or to sell.

Pop Décor offers a range of services in home staging and interior decorating designed to fit within any budget.  If you are selling your home Pop Décor can give it those special touches needed to appeal to the broadest range of buyers.   For interior decorating services, whether you rent or own, live in a small studio apartment or a sprawling estate, Pop Décor will work with you to create spectacular rooms.  Pop Décor works with every design style and will encourage you to take an active role in shaping your décor and embellishing your space.  By understanding your personal preferences, Pop Décor is able to provide you with beautiful rooms that are designed specifically for you.  Simple changes to the arrangement, accessories, colors or style of furnishings can make a dramatic difference in your home while not breaking the bank.

Austin, TX - Home Staging & Consultation Services for Home Owners and Realtors in the Austin Texas area looking to sell their house or listing


  For home listings in the Austin TX area, my home staging services can significantly help facilitate the sell of those homes faster by making the homes marketable commodities. By working with colors, textures, furniture placement, and decorating items to accent the home's features, the end result can be a shorter time on the market and a higher selling price.

Because most home buyers make their ultimate home selection based on their emotional reactions to the properties they visit, it is essential to provide a prospective buyer with the ultimate home experience.

By home staging you are able to engage and influence the emotions of prospective buyers, taking them one step closer to writing an offer. 

The way buyers interpret what they see, hear, touch and smell causes them to feel connected to the house they choose.  By tapping into a combination of creative elements and consumer knowledge, I will work with the seller to create memory points that will emotionally connect with the buyer.

Once you have decided to sell, your home becomes a house for sale.  Your home is a product to be marketed; and just like any product on the shelf in a store, it needs packaging and positioning to appeal to the widest market of potential Austin TX area buyers.  Once your home is staged, buyers will be able to make that mental leap from your house to their HOME.

"Home Staging is essential in today's Austin TX competitive real estate market.""It is difficult for buyers to see themselves living in an often cold, vacant house where every crack and chip stands out. My Home Staging Services will highlight your home's best features to help the buyers see themselves and their furnishings in your home." Paula Hobbs,Home Stager, Austin TXPop Decor

Staging Services Offered

  Vacant Accessory Home Staging includes decorator items, accessories, artwork to accent the home's features for the living room, kitchen, master bathroom, secondary bathrooms, dining room, powder room and a console table with lamp for setting up brochures in the living room or entry.  I will visit the home prior to staging to assess the style and color of staging accessory's to be used in the home.


  Vacant Furnished Home Staging includes the above accessory service AND furniture for the rooms to be furnished.  Most often the rooms staged with furniture include the common rooms such as formal living rooms, family rooms, formal dining rooms, breakfast rooms, entries and occasionally master bedrooms.  A proposal will be provided based on the quantity of accessories and furniture needed to stage the home.  The staging fee will vary depending on the number of rooms furnished. 


  With a critical eye toward the inside and outside of the home, I will outline a series of recommendations and actions that should take place prior to putting the house on the market.  During the consultation the home owner will walk me through each room in the home and where needed we will rearrange  and place furniture and accessories to accent the homes features, visually open the rooms flow, and note action items of things to be done to prepare the home to sell such as interior painting, plumbing, hardware or light fixtures to replace and items to store while your home is on the market.I will provide an extremely detailed staging checklist communicating my thorough notes taken during the consultation.  This staging checklist will be provided to the home owner and the listing agent.  The consultation will last between 1-2 hours. I concentrate my efforts in the following areas:Inside:  Eliminate clutter and depersonalize  · Streamline the kitchen • Assess and arrange furniture, art and accessories to highlight the homes features and open the flow in the room • Inspect plumbing and light fixtures (recommendations and resources provided) • Inspect ceilings, walls and paint (paint color recommendations and resources provided) • Assess carpet and flooring condition • Check all windows and doors • Eliminate odors Outside:  Assess curb appeal including exterior color, paint condition, front door, landscaping and plants · Stage the front door, entry area • Assess backyard landscaping, furniture and plants

Pop Décor can help facilitate faster home sales in the Austin TX area with my professional home staging services by making your home or as a Realtor your sellers’ home a marketable commodity.