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HGTV’S celebrity designer Stephanie Cook and owner of PLURAL, a successful interior design business in Orange County that is lauded for its out-of-the-box ideas and imaginative design solutions.

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I'd like to introduce myself, Stephanie Cook, as an interior designer for commercial, residential projects and staging. I have established myself as a reputable interior designer and owner of PLURAL Interior Design of Orange County since 2003. I was recently on television as a finalist for HGTV's 2008 Design Star. I was also named OC Weeklys 2008 Interior Designer of the year. I am eager to partner with reputable real estate agents that want to expand their business by referring an Interior Designer. This would be an opportunity that is beneficial to both of us. Your client will be thankful for steering them toward reaching the true potential of their new home! And wouldn't it be nice to offer an Interior Designer that you trust in keeping your good name. The client is the first priority and creating a fun experience with them will bring more referrals and future business. Lets grow our business together and start the beginning of a great working relationship.   Also as an incentive to you, I am prepared to offer a 2% referral bonus. This amount would be based off the designer's fee of the total project, subject to completion. Sincerely, Stephanie Cook Bio   Having been extensively exposed to art, design, and architecture at an early age, Stephanie was destined to have a creative career. Throughout her early years, she focused on developing her artistic talents, especially in the areas of painting, drawing and composition. Her first award for artistry was won at the age of eight, and she eventually graduated high school having been selected out of hundreds as artist of the year. Cook went on to earn her B.A. from FIDER, the accredited Interior Designers Institute located in Newport Beach, California. While attending the institute, she received a talent-based scholarship and her work was displayed as some of the most unique in design from amongst the graduates of the school. Today, Stephanie spearheads PLURAL, a successful interior design business in Orange County that is lauded for its out-of-the-box ideas and imaginative design solutions. Under Stephanie's guidance, PLURAL's design sensibility blends artistic vision with the efficient and innovative use of the architectural frame of a space, resulting in fluid, timeless interiors. Stephanie is an avid believer that the impossible is only a burden of those with no imagination. Please check out her BLOG and watch past episodes of HGTV'S Design Star  Other Networking Sites Twitter Myspace Facebook Blog Youtube

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PLURAL is a company that bases modern design concepts upon the broad shoulders of history. We believe that multiple cultures, eras, style principles and aesthetics can intersect in a way that creates a fresh perspective on the architecture and elements that define the twenty-first century. We are driven by transformation, motivated by the individuality of every space and are honored to make the dreams and visions of our clients a tangible reality.

We are PLURAL, and we are the purveyors of expression.


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