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An Air Force Academy business graduate who is interested in helping those around me succeed. I am here to serve - not just to sell.

Get to know Derek Noggle

Education:  After graduating from a college preparatory high school, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at the United States Air Force Academy - specializing in Business Management - as well as my commission as an officer in the United States Air Force - where I held leadership & command positions.  Some years later, I obtained my Master of Business Administration (MBA) through the University of Phoenix while working a full time job of 50+ hours per week.  Upon becoming a Real Estate Agent, I have continued to further my professional knowledge through various courses and classes - including e-PRO to maximize customer benefits through the use of technology.  Finally, to further my knowledge of Real Estate, I have, in this past year, completed the Florida Real Estate Broker's Pre-License course and am looking forward to passing the State Exam very soon.

Experience:  Following military service - but before gaining an interest in Real Estate - I held both technical and managerial positions - to include Quality Manager for a company who's revenue exceeded $250,000,000 annually.  I then spent a few years concentrating on Real Estate investments prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent.  Since 2001, I have owned 7 different homes - most of which appreciated in value although one in particular was a complete disaster.  I have seen and experienced both fantastic gains and losses. 

Work Ethic: I keep my "nose to the grindstone" until the job is finished, and I have historically put in long hours and a lot of unpaid overtime to "get the job done."  As both a Christian and Air Force Academy Graduate, I am and have always been more concerned about maintaining my personal integrity than "making the sale."  This is why I make myself available for work or answers my customers require, and I generally avoid bantering or "pushing" any properties or property characteristics.

How Can my education, experience and work-ethics benefit you?

I recognize that it is not just your money at stake - it's your satisfaction and happiness too.  And, to the best possible end, you consider all of this when determining your Real Estate requirements.  In turn, I am dedicated to helping my clients and customers maximize the accomplishment of their objectives.  My customers receive attention to detail and quality because these characteristics are an ingrained part of my character.  They were honed in both my educational pursuits as well as the technical and managerial positions that I have held.  Consequently, my customers deal with a professional who has much higher credentials, knowledge and personal investment experience than the average agent.  I recognize that my customers may have either more or less experience than I do, so I am happy to serve everyone from first-time homebuyers using special financing grants to luxury home sellers and buyers to investment property purchasers.

Derek Noggle's Blog Posts


I am happy to serve everyone needing Real Estate assistance - to include first-time homebuyers using special financing grants, luxury home sellers, luxury home buyers with all cash purchases, investment property buyers and sellers as well as everthing in between.  In addition to "standard" transactions, I have dealt with fixer-uppers, foreclosures and short-sale properties.  So, bank-owned and sold-as-is homes are well within my purview.  Finally, I am up to date on the latest market statistics and trends which I am happy to share with you in order to help you make an informed purchase and/or sale.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Derek Noggle - Here to serve, not just to sell.