Jan Bodine (Program HR 3648)

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Program HR 3648 | Consultant for NYC HQ renovation; project manager for high-end residential builder-NY and CA; convention manager-NY;corp.admin director-NY;processor/admin-Program HR 3648.

Get to know Jan Bodine

Program HR 3648 | In the past year plus at Program HR 3648, I have personally worked on hundreds of short sales with an approval success rate of 90% plus.  I have worked with over one hundred real estate agents throughout the US.  My involvement with these short sales is from start to finish and every stage in between. 

Working a short sale isn't just a task, a check-off item on a To Do list. It is an opportunity to assist sellers in distress, offering them the best option in a difficult situation. In addition, Program HR 3648 works closely with the listing agents who subscribe to our service in order to submit and sustain the short sale process effort, as well as the buyer's agents, whose clients benefit from our ability to achieve a successful conclusion to a Program HR 3648 short sale.  My colleagues and I take our jobs seriously and personally. 

We make it our business to be current with the latest policies, restrictions and regulations, programs and processes of both the lenders and the government agencies involved at local and national levels, so we can provide up-to-date information to our agents, customize our task lists to meet new requirements, maximizing the results and minimizing the length of time (as much as possible within the parameters set by the lenders) that it takes to be granted an approval.

Short sales are not for the faint-of-heart.  They require knowledge, determination, attention to detail, follow-up, strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills and, like the response to the question,"What is one of the most important elements in selling a property?" Answer: "Location, location, location", in short sales, it's persistence, persistence, persistence--doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.  Type A's and perfectionists find the challenge of a short sale the perfect work environment.  The inner perfectionist in each of us at Program HR 3648 is brought to the forefront as we work daily to take our agents' listings from "For Sale sign in the yard/MLS on the counter" to "signed, sealed and short sold".

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