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Get to Know Pete Willner

Due to my involvement in income and investment real estate, I am very much a numbers oriented Realtor. In the course of a residential transaction, this allows me to provide my clients with an unemotional insight that quite often helps complete the “picture” when contemplating a property sale or purchase.

This unique aspect of my service is only one of several characteristics I have believe brings value to my services. I believe you will find my somewhat “out of the box” approach to real estate not only refreshing but enlightening as well and you too can look back at your closed real estate transaction with a “new set of eyes”.


My personality and style work best with motivated clients and therefore I primarily specialize in working with people who need to buy or sell property quickly.

Therefore I am very selective about the clients I choose to represent. Client motivation and participation is a key element in the successful completion of any real estate transaction. Remember, a realtor is not buying or selling your home for you. They are partnering with you to buy or sell your home. Wanting to buy or sell quickly is not the same as needing or having to buy or sell quickly and lack of timely participation on the part of the a client can be a costly proposition.

My common clients profile would include:
* Making payments on an empty home
* Making payments on two homes
* New home built or purchased
* Job transfer * Relocation
* Death
* Divorce
* Need to settle estate
* Homes in need of repair
* Home In foreclosure
* Can’t afford payments
* Tenant problems
* A need to raise cash fast, etc.

I do realize that many other reasons may cause you to to buy or sell a home and would be more then happy to consult with you to discuss your individual needs if you feel you do not fit the criteia above.

The Bottom Line Is, my style works best with and for motivated buyers and sellers who desire to act now and get results fast.


I am a broker in the Inland Valley area of South Riverside County and service residential, income & investment clients. Broker Direct Real Estate.....There is a difference!