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We are available to handle all of your real estate closing needs.  We are able to help Sellers, Buyers, Loan Officers, and Realtors.  Whatever your role is in the transaction, we are able to help.

 For Sellers: 

We are available to assist from the very begining of your transaction.  If you want to utilize the services of a Realtor but have yet to contact one, we can refer you to someone that will be pleased to assist you.  If you choose to sell your home on your own, we can help evaluate any offer, draft or review a purchase and sales agreement, prepare the deed to transfer the property and the residency affidavitt if necesary.  Prior to the closing, we can review the settlement statement with you for accuracy. 

For Buyers:

We can assist you from the begining by reviewing or drafting a purchase and sales agreement.  If you need assistance in finding a mortgage company, we are available to refer you to someone to assist you in your financing needs.  We will perform a title exam on the property, clear up any clouds on title that may exist, obtain payoffs for any mortgages on the property, check the status of property taxes, and prepare the settlement statement. 

 For Loan Officers:

We work with the loan officers doing business with us to help them build their business.  Whether this is by providing leads of people who have adjustable rate mortgage that are about to adjust, or teaching how to cost effectively develop their own leads, we will work with everyone to help them grow their business.  In addition, we network extensively so that when we for a partnership, we are able to introduce you to our network of people.  If this sounds like a relationship you would like to pursue - give me a call today.  Lets start working together and let me help you grow your business. 

For Realtors: We are always available to answer any of your clients questions.  Many of the Realtors I do business with put their client in contact with me so that I can answer any of their legal questions.  Often times this happens on the weekends.  But as I like to say - you dont work 9 -5 Monday through Friday and neither do I."


From the very begining we are there to guide you every step of the way.  Thinking of buying or selling, we encourage people to call for advice up front and then right through the process.  We conduct residential and commercial real estate closings.  We will close loans at my office or the customers home or office.  Available for consultation on any real estate related matters to include coastal resources, zonning, planning etc.  Early morning and evening appointments available.  All calls will be returned the same day.  


Real Estate Closing Attorney. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings. Thinking about buying or selling? Call Tim at 401-580-5038 before you make any decisions. patricktmcdonald@gmail.com.