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I offer Free Real Estate Listings. My goal is to help people save money and create a free listing service for Agents and Owners.

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My name is Josh. I recently started a website that allows Agents and owners to list homes online for free. I am not a licensed Agent or Broker and I am not affiliated with a Real Estate agency. 

The reason I started this site is because I realized how expensive it is to advertise real estate. I used two different Realtors in the sale of my last home and realized that this business is tough. I wanted to see if there was a way to offer a free service to and put agents and owners in the same place. Will people use a site that offers free listings or do they still believe "you get what you pay for"? Can I help Owners and Agents sell homes without paying? 

Here are my thoughts and reasoning...
1) Agents and Owners will gain more exposure with a large community.
2) Buyers will search the site looking for a "Deal" due to free listings.
3) Seller agents will have another place to advertise for free.
4) Buyer agents will have a single place to look for FSBO and Realtor listings.
5) Owners can purchase professional yard signs advertising the site.
6) Everyone will benefit from the yard signs...synergy
7) Agents will gain backlinks from the free listings.

The site is

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I specialize in helping Agents and Owners gain exposure for their listings by offering Free Real Estate Listings on my website. I also have a blog that provides Agents and Owners with valuable technology information to help them draw customers to their websites.
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