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I specialize in writing compelling direct mail and personal marketing brochures, postcards, slogans, house fliers, and newsletter articles for industries of all types.

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I'm a copywriter who specializes in writing compelling marketing materials for the high-tech and real estate industries. I was born and raised in Orange County, California, and previously worked as a brochure writer for a Newport Beach-based advertising agency that worked exclusively with real estate agent clients. While there, I worked one-on-one with real estate agents and brokers--both individuals and teams--to develop their own personalized brochures and marketing collateral. One of my former clients went on to appear as the featured real estate agent on an episode of House Hunters.

I work with a talented graphic designer who also previously worked with the same Newport Beach-based advertising agency. She and I can create eye-catching and engaging real estate marketing materials designed to highlight your unique personality and talents, emphasize your expertise and market knowledge, and boost your client base and listings.

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Well, simply put, as a direct response and Web copywriter, my expertise is helping people connect in the best way possible with prospects and clients. I help build rapport and trust. I do it by finding out what makes people tick, what keeps them up and night, what makes them happy, what makes them feel secure--their "pain points" as we call them. Then, I structure the message--whether electronic or print--to best connect with the audience.

I've been doing this for years. I've worked as a corporate communications writer, as a brochure writer for a Newport Beach, California-based advertising agency that specializes in creating marketing materials for real estate agent clients, and for the high-tech industry.

But enough gab. Here's what I can write for real estate professionals:

Personal brochuresIdentity packages (stationery, business cards)House fliersPostcardsNewsletter articlesWebsitesWeb log editorial assistance

Give me a call to discuss your needs or e-mail me at white410@charter.net to request samples of my work or just to chat.

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