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Housing Posting Template 7 $50,000,000 Housing Posting Title 2 Property Address Property City, Property State 65467657 BermudaFeatures Feature # 1 Feature # 2 Feature # 3 Feature # 4 Feature # 5 Feature # 6 Feature # 7 Feature # 8 Feature # 9 Feature # 10 Property Details MLS# : 567 Terms : 5 Terms Square Footage : 5 Bedrooms : 6 Bathrooms : 6 Year : 2006 Web : http://www.ourwebesite.com Aspen Great Estates is your best source for international luxury real estate. Whether you want a metropolitan penthouse, a ranch or mountain home, a charming equestrian estate, an island retreat, a private villa, or a historic mansion to call your own, Aspen's Great Estates has a distinctive property to suit your dreams. No other home in the area can compare to this authentic estate, specifically designed for those who appreciate the exceptional and who know how to live very well indeed. This home offers not only location and luxury in spades, but sophistication and tranquillity as well. It simply doesn’t get any better than this. While the five-bedroom, nine-bathroom villa boasts desirable features, its infrastructure has wisely been built for the long-term, with utmost attention given to safety and security concerns. Contact Name Contact Company Contact Address Contact City, Contact State 5476576576 Bermuda Tel : 657657657 Cell : 657657657 Fax : 657657657 Email : jane@ourwebsite.com Web : http://www.ourwebesite.com

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