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Investment Strategies, and Smart Analysis.

Get to know Ray Garrett, Jr.

Hello, and thank you for checking out my profile.  Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I have been a licensed Realtor for six years now, and I am also the National Central Recruiting Manager for Zip Realty.  Prior to becoming a Realtor, my wife and I were part time real estate investors, and I worked in multi-channel project and technology management.  While in college majoring in religion and philosphy, I took the opportunity to take courses in real estate mathematics and real estate developement.  My plan was to become a real estate developer and go into ministry someday long in the future.  The Lord had other plans.

In 2006, I clearly felt the call to vocational evangelism.  I began seminary to get my Master of theology and Christian apologetics degree.  I left project management and became a full time realtor when I started seminary.  I made up my mind to help investors, and to only own the home in which I'm currently living because I never want the investor I work with to feel as though I'm skimming the cream from the top before I approach them.  I hated that feeling when I first started investing.

Besides taking 12 hours of college credit in real estate investing and real estate developement courses and countless hours of continuing real estate education, I've invested myself.  I know the industry.  Whether I'm working with an investor or a family, I believe it is vitally important to understand a property as an investment.   A home is the single most important financial decision a family makes, and a first home can literally determine a family's entire financial future.  I take that seriously.

Ray Garrett, Jr.'s Blog Posts


1) I pray.  I bathe everyting I do in prayer.  To some this is a great comfort.  I've never had anyone tell me they don't want me to pray for the transaction.  This is the most important thing to know about me.  I seek guidance from the Lord in everything I do.

2) A home is the largest investment most people make.  I will make sure that we have considered as many factors as possible to ensure your purchase is, first and foremest, a wise investment.

3) I understand the struggles of investing.  Most people who try it loose money.  I know I have lost money before, and no investor can claim otherwise.  The key is knowing when to move forward and then taking action.  You can trust me to tell you when to move forward, I leave taking action up to you.

4) I care.  I am personally invested with every client I serve.  I am not just a person who helps them buy a home, I am their real estate professional for life.  I provide free market reports, referals, financial guidance, and spiritual guidance to some.  In short, I want to be your friend in the real estate business.