Ray Wilburn, CPA, MBA (Keller Williams Realty)
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As a Washington State Licensed Certified Public Accountant, and a holder of an MBA I have a unique skill set for analysis that is crucial in the stormy waters of the current market.  DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS!  Your realtor should possess skills that will help you navigate through this market and help you to buy and sell real estate quicklessly and in the most cost effective manner possible.  Look forward to working with you.

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At this point I specialize in listing homes.  I am a former auditor so I keep my expenses as low as possible.  I prefer expired/cancellations and For Sale By Owners.  This strategy allows me to come into contact with all manner of transactions and unique situations.  Which is what I love and enjoy!  MY former experience has definately made me a jack of all trades in that every single real esate transaction can be and must be handled in the same manner as a corporation would.  Emotional attachment must go and the most beneficial situation chosen.  I believe my experience makes me an expert in all areas, as all transactions boil down to the sentiment above.