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I say yes! Real Estate Lead capture is an art form. Lead capture, incubation and conversion was never taught in school. Too bad it never was, because it is so crucial into today's internet world of technology. I will attempt to close the gap here in active rain as well as my blog site.

In reading various active rain blogs, I have found that lead generation (acquisition) seem to be the most important thing for the majority of Broker and Agents. I am convinced of this as well, but I also believe lead management (retention) is just as important if not as is important.  Like I say, "It doesn't matter how many leads you have, are you effectively working them?" 

There are several CRM's that assist you to incubate and convert your leads, but in my opinion they seem to fall shy of that most important element - ease of use.

My name is William Jimenez, President of Masterdigm and Will2Design.com. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by talented individuals that have a vision to help others. They have joined me to do so.  Here are a few facts about me. ( Thank you for reading on)

CEO and Founder of Masterdigm and Will2Design.com Masters in Business Administration with Emphasis in Technology Management. Bachelors in Electronic Engineering. Broker of Lending Quest Financial Corp and Realty ( 7 years)

Your Real Estate Web site design is of key importance. It needs to be full of content, easily updated and aggregated across the internet. It also needs to be fully integrated with a CRM in order to manage all those leads.  When web forms are filled out, email campaigns must be triggered automatically and sent to the web site prospect.  Not only that, you should be alerted that someone is on your site and are interested in your services.  Remember - all these brilliant Active Rain Users want that client too! ( How do you differentiate yourself?) -- Read my blogs --

It's no longer possible to believe that your client will stay with you for life, especially if you don't keep in contact with them.  ( Now, you don't want to spam them), but you must stay in front of them some how.

Well, my goal is to assist Brokers and Agents on my learning experiences, pointing them to blogs and assisting them to carry out the technical aspects of  what they've read. If you are interested in a Free consultation feel free to fill out this form, or call me at 1-888-85Leads.  Just say you are from Active Rain and I'll give you my full attention.

Good Luck and God Bless! 

William Jimenez 


I have a Masters in Technology Management. I am constantly learning about new SEO pactices, Lead generation practices, Lead incubation methods and the conversion process.  Regarding SEO, I have found that Bruce Clay has always given some of the best insight on why others' rank so well. I also like Search Engine News because of their dedication to get the latest and greatest news out about Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.  There are so many sources, so I will attempt to build them on 1 page. (so, stay tuned)

I am also Real Estate/Mortgage Broker. I have ran my own real estate and mortgage company for the last 7 years, so I do know the successes and struggles of this industry. 

My passion, which I learned I must follow, is moving toward assisting real estate agents and brokers on their Internet Marketing practices. I would like to position myself as a sounding board for new ideas. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions and learn new technologies and share them with you.

I am also in pursuit to building a customer relationship manager ( CRM) called Masterdigm.  Why am I doing this?  I have struggled for years on managing leads especially when leads flow in on a daily basis. I found agents either sitting on the lead, or will call once or twice and then give up. I spent tens of thousands of dollars with alot of frustrations because leads were just not being followed thru.

So I woke up one morning with an "Aha!" and I started on my way with that vision. The vision was to capture leads on the web and incubate them with the top technologies rolled into one control panel.

With this new venture, I have decided to solicit some of the top Real Estate and CRM experts in the industry.  My goal is to share how Masterdigm can set your business apart from the rest and convert those leads into revenue.  I look forward to sharing my vision with you. Join me on this quest, won't you?  It'll be my pleasure to hear from you! Please join me for this quest. Here is a list of some of the strengths of Masterdigm, our Flagship Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Thank you again.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization for the real estate world is of the utmost importance.  Some subpages of sites we are optimizing are Mission Viejo Real Estate, Ladera Ranch Real Estate, Laguna Hills Real Estate. Feel free to contact me regarding how we can optimize your site.




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