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RealCash went out of business due to the negligent activities of Joe Caza. 


"I would rather wait for my money." This is one of the things that people tell me when they meet me at trade shows or office meetings. Why do real estate agents tell me this? I have various theories. One of them is that realtors have been taught to wait for their money. Why? Because they earn substantially more than your average wage earner so just wait and be happy, they are told. Now, I know this is not the main reason, or even your reason.

However, let's get back on track. Do you really want to wait for your money? Of course you don't! If you could get paid as soon as the transaction was firm you would be excited to say the least! So, I have an IDEA for those of you who would rather wait for your money or those of you who will only spend your money once you have it:

The cost of $1000 for one month is $24. You are left with $976. (The remainder of your commission will be paid to you by your brokerage in one month.) Now, let's get this $976 working for you. Don't spend any of it. Don't spend it? That's right! Don't spend it. Invest it! Or, as a good friend of mine once said, Leverage it! Use this $976 to advertise your next listing or promote your business to get new clients and listings. Do you believe that this will result in at least ONE new client? (You should otherwise you are in the wrong business.) What's the average commission in your region? I bet it's more than the $24 it cost you to get paid early so that you could generate more business.

This is the power of commission advances.

This is the power of leveraging.

And this is just one way that the RealCash team can help power you and your business.

I hope to help you soon.


Joe Caza is not worth doing business with. Save your money and don't get any headaches. Steer clear from this character.