Ross Hair (Real Estate Advocate)

Niwot , CO 80503

Ross Hair is Bald. He's also the Real Estate Advocate and the founder of, a social network for real estate investors and professionals.

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Based in Niwot in Boulder County, Colorado, Ross is the Real Estate Advocate and a champion for homeowners, real estate investors and the real estate industry.

Niwot is an upmarket bedroom community that services Boulder and Boulder County.

Named after Chief Niwot, our great little town is probably most famous as the home of those comfy shoes, CROCS.


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 When some of the 100 year old trees started to dry out and die the town of Niwot didn't just cut them down. We commissioned a local artist, Eddie Running Wolf, and he created this wonderful tree carving called "Biitoheinen" or "Spear Lodge Man.

How cool is that!