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While working with Real Estate professional, I have come to notice that they have tons of questions about website and the internet. I found this site and decided to try and answer some questions

Get to know Jamie Buchite

The company I work for has helped businesses grow and prosper on the web.  We have recently turned to helping Real Estate agents and agencies.  By providing them with quality website solutions that dont look cookie cutter, while providing them remarkable tools to help their business grow.

People wonder why to trust the new guy and I have to say that we are not new in the web design world.  We just decided on focusing on Real Estate sites because we deal with Real Estate companies and see what most of the canned sites look like.  So we provide unique designs that will help your business grow.


I specialize in showing Real Estate Agents and Agencies on how to get the most out of their website.  About 90% of all websites I see don't focus on catching the customers attention and keeping it.  We help you by providing a site that shows off your business while focused on catching the viewers attention and keeping it. 

I am willing to help your business see better results from your website.  Most websites I see are cookie cutter and not very appealing.  But that being said you should still be pulling a large part of your business from your website.

If anyone would like me to provide them with a list of the articles we have written to help agents please let me know.  I would be happy to either email them to you or post them.

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