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Having been a full time Realtor since 1981, my goal is to make buying and selling real estate a pleasant and profitable experience.

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I am a Dutch immigrant - a Naturalized Citizen - a Dutch American and Proud of it!!! I believe I was led into Real Estate to be my calling - there is no doubt in my mind that God led me to this career.  I have had the good fortune and blessing to be able to help people with one of the biggest investments of their lives - such a HUGE deal - it ranks up there after things like marriage and families - next is buying a house and I have been HONORED to be able to help so many wonderful  and neat people !!!  And EACH and EVERY transaction has been unique!!  No two people are the same and neither are transactions!!  At any rate, I am known for being tenacious, determined.  Hang on like a pit bull (talk about pit bulls, I am doing well after being attacked in March of 2004-ask me more later).  I obtained my first Real Estate license in 1967 - but with two little kids could not stay in it.  Had two other neat jobs (Assistant Administration - National Sales Manager and Legal Secretary-Real Estate Attorney) before going back to Real Estate in 1981.  So I LOVE what I do - and I am good at it - I will tell you what I know and think - not just what you want to HEAR!!!  Yes, I dare step out of the boat, off the beaten path, and out of step with the yes-sayers.  I learned how to downhill ski when I was 53 and yes, I LOVE it and am good at it, went whitewater rafting even though I am not much of a swimmer - but I'm not afraid of water-infact I LOVE water and need to be around it - which leads me to Parasailing - which I did in Jamaica - over the OCEAN!!!! and almost hit a Cruise Ship!!!!-It was exhilerating - especially as I don't care for heights and really had to MAKE myself do it - I also went back to college when I was 55 and absolutely LOVED it!!  It's just AMAZING what knowledge you have without realizing it!!! I also went on HOT BALLOON Ride which also PETRIFIED me - I was hanging on for life - which was really silly because if anything happened - we'd all go down anyway!!!  It ended up being just the most beautiful ride!! That's just part of it - Life can be a beautiful challenge - and Real Estate is just a wonderful part of that!!

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