Joshua Vensel (VENVISIO - Real Estate Photography - Atlanta, GA)
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VENVISIO specializes in photography that inspires desire for real estate listings.

Get to know Joshua Vensel


I'm passionate about photography. I've had the bug forever, but I began truly developing my eye and techniques in college as a photojournalist for The Lantern. After earning my BA in Public Relations Journalism from The Ohio State University in 2002, I spent a year selling ice cream, several years shooting boutique portraits, several more years shooting luxury & collectible furniture, and in 2009 I discovered that of all of the houses for sale, there were relatively few with photographs that made me want to view the property details. My background in PR and marketing kicked in and alerted me that this major marketing element was missing in 90% of real estate listings. A home is the largest single purchase that most Americans will make in their lifetime; It can also be the largest sale that most Americans will make in their lifetime. Because of this, it is extremely important for marketing materials to reflect the value of the product being sold. It's also important in competitive markets to stand out from the crowd. It's clear to me that better photographs draw in more detail views from browsing buyers, when 90% of the other listings are using snapshots that fail to present the property properly. This is why I create marketing photography for real estate. This is why I created






All real estate photography services include:

• 24 hour turnaround

• All still images optimized

• Still image slide show for up to 1 year on*street_address*

• Hi-res files for print marketing and Web-res files for internet marketing

• Featured Tour posting to available*


* Featured Tour posting is included for agents with Showcase Listing Enhancements and $30.00 per MLS ID for agents without Showcase Listing Enhancements.