Pat Mercurio, Cerified Redesign Expert Staging Specialist Prescott Arizona (Redo & Renew Interiors)
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Redo & Renew Interiors is a Premier Real Estate Staging Company in Prescott Arizona. We specialize in all aspects of Staging; Updating, Remodeling, Occupied, vacants (existing or builder spec homes)

Get to know Pat Mercurio

Redo & Renew Interiors was the first Real Estate Staging company in the Prescott area.  With over 20 years in the design industry, I have worked in California, Nevada and Arizona.  We have contract and design teams to provide every aspect of staging your home for a quick and profitable sale. 


We provide not only consultation, design and furniture placement, but also supply all aspects of services to help prepare your home for sale.  We have teams for moving unnecessary furniture, packing extra items not used in staging, landscaping, plumbing repairs, lighting updates, flooring, and window coverings to name a few.  We provide the most comprehensive selling, staging, and moving packages in the Prescott area.  Whether your home needs minor remodelling, or just a little updating, we get the whole job done for you.  There are several staging packages available for vacant properties as well.  We work with builders or homeowners to provide whatever is required to get you moving and on your way to your new location.  See our website for our gallery and more information @

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