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*14 years of 'inside' experience, 4 years as an independent *Total of 12,000 loans closed *Former wholesale Regional Closing/Funding Manager *Certified, Background Checked, GLBA -trained *Membe...

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In most instances, I am the only 'live & in-person' experience your client is going to have, throughout their entire transaction.  WHO you send to stand in your shoes - usually inside their own home - is going to leave a pretty heavy influence on how they feel in the end.  It's crucial that I know what I'm doing (and I do), but it's just as crucial that I present myself in a way that honors EVERYONE who worked hard on that transaction, but never has the opportunity to present themselves.

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I parlayed a 14 year career inside the lending & title industry (personally performing over 10,000 closings) into being among the most expert of independent mobile closers. My industry-wide experience and extremely broad knowledge sets me apart from the ranks, while my presentation and delivery are both professional and enjoyable. My aim is to leave everyone wanting to repeat their experience with me.

I have personally performed over 1500 signings as an IC, and am currently providing both in-house and remote services for title agencies & their associates. I am also experienced with large projects (such as apt/co-op conversions and 'bulk' REO transactions) and quite adept regardless of the transaction or loan product.

I have been Certified as a Loan Signing Agent by: NNA/NSA, TSR & 123; Member: ASN & UNAA(Elite Member), GLBA-Trained, verifiable Background Check (see my website), Charter Member of