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Have a Master degree in legal science, a BA degree in political science (graduated in the first place in both) and 20 year experience in RE investment.

High and quick return records in files. Where can produce high return, I go.  Now I am enjoying myself in Central Texas after I sold out all my Cali RE holdings.  I play RE games as a hobby of my retirement, not a job. 

No client, investor, or partner will be accepted without an invitation or referral.  No deal will attract me except those with its potential best return more than 200 percent in the first year. 

All my posts are out of my sincere hope to help.  They are free for you , but please do not take them as a legal opinion because we have a most complicated legal system in the world. 

And please understand that I am here to enjoy my freedom of speech.  My opinion is mainly based on my understandings of Californian law (where I worked as an administrator in a law frim and taught RE licence course at a brokerage).  It is very possible my opinion is NOT a right answer to your situation under a different jurisdiction.


Specialized in "distressed" housing market only.

Prefer to work on "software" real estate to "hardware" one.


As Ronald Reagon forgot, I don't remember anything. Did I work there in that little white cloudy house? Are you sure that was ME up there? How come I am down here? That's definitely not me!