Robert Powell (Powell Properties)

3018 Thousand Oaks Drive

Austin , TX 78746

Located in the Westlake area of Austin, Texas. Real Estate Broker with 20+ years experience. I work with Buyers and Sellers in the west, southwest Austin and Buda neighborhoods.

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I have been a Realtor in Austin since 1987. Through my brokerage, Powell Properties Real Estate of Austin has made a business of helping prospective buyers, sellers, and investors in real estate. I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Associations of Realtors, and the Austin Board of Realtors. I specialize in working with investment buyers as well as home buyers. I have a BS degree in Chemistry with a minor in Business Management. I am well versed in business law, contract negotiations, and business management. As a full service Broker and Realtor, I will support you from the beginning to the end of your real estate transaction. I do more than just find you a property. I am also well versed in calculating rates of returns,  understanding mortgage loan requirements, and helping you avoid any legal and contractual pitfalls. When I work for you, I put your interests ahead of everyone else's, whether I am finding you a home or whether I am selling your home. I do not employ other realtors, so your service will always be personalized.

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I work with individuals interested in buying a home at a reasonable price and I also represent individuals who need to sell their home.

Most of the Buyers that I work with are either first time or second time home buyers. I explain the process to you from beginning to end, before you purchase a home. I explain what you should expect in the negotiation process, the home inspection process which often results in a re-negotiation, your loan application, appliance warranty policies, title company issues, etc. Although you will obtain a qualification letter from a mortgage company, I am always glad to go over your home costs as I like to know that you can truly afford the home that you are going to buy. Before you place an offer on a home, I will look at similar homes that have sold in that area to ensure that you to don't overpay on your offer.

I go through a similar process with the Sellers that I represent. I go over what they should expect from beginning to end. I complete a market analysis for the you and discuss a pricing strategy. I avoid overpricing a home for sale as that will only do a disservice to both you and myself. Once a price is determined, I review the services that I provide as well as what you can expect based on current market conditions. I also do a walk through with the you and point out the cosmetic and non-cosmetic changes that can be made to increase the value of your home.


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