Ryan Stewman (Hardcore Closer)

2004 Ventura Dr

Plano , TX 75093

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Get to know Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman originated and closed his first mortgage in October of 2002. He has been quoted on several occasions saying the mortgage business is his "#1 passion" He can often be heard telling stories of homeowners and their emotional reactions to achieving their goals. Ryan's clients refer to him as a "natural connector" there is not a single person that Ryan can't connect and relate to on some level.

"Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for helping people. One of the biggest decisions that a person will make, is buying a home. I want to be there to educate, empathize and assist the client  withevery step of the way until the mortgage process is over and the client is moving in. After that, I want to be their friend for life." -Ryan Stewman

After originating loans for 3 years Ryan took his need to help others to the next level. He created a real estate investment firm to help connect real estate investors with lease option renters. Because of his endeavors with the firm, he was able to house over 1,000 people. Ryan Stewman has also bought and sold 33 homes personally.

"Having been through the home buying process myself several times from the other side, I understand the needs and concerns of a person obtaining a new mortgage. I do my part to bring effective and innovative information to the client in the context they want to receive it in" - Ryan Stewman

When the housing market changed in 2008, Ryan went to work for the largest privately held mortgage banker in Texas at the Dallas office. After 60 days working there as a loan officer, Ryan became the top producer in the entire company.

Ryan is also an expert in internet marketing. He uses his online capabilities to help Realtors in the Dallas Texas area market their properties with minimum effort and maximum exposure. Ryan is often referred to as "Ryan, the Realtors best friend" because of his unique abilities to help realtors sell homes faster.

Most importantly Ryan loves each and every one of his clients. After all, helping people is his passion and in most cases he is more excited for the homebuyer than they are! He loves to talk on the phone and has top notch communication skills. His informative video sequences make every transaction seem as if it was a breeze.

"I'm not just the "mortgage guy"; I'm a friend, a trusted advisor and the go to person for all of my clients’ real estate and mortgage needs. I start relationships that last for life" - Ryan Stewman

Once you work with Ryan and see firsthand how fun, exciting, and ecouraging he is, you too will become a friend for life.


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