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Ronnie Tumlin
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Get to Know Ronnie Tumlin

Ronnie Tumlin is a native Floridian and grew up in the St. Augustine area many many decades ago (I forgot how many, all I know it has been too damned many) Ronnie started buying and selling property on the river and on the beach in his early twenties.  By his mid forties, he got tired of friends asking him to find them bargains like he got so he got licensed and started to seriously pursue deals for friends and associates.  He worked for Coldwell Banker a year or two, then another broker awhile,  then in 2005 his wife Suzanne, a licensed broker, opened Crescent Beach Realty of St. Augustine Inc. where he works today.  Ronnie and Suzanne live on the ocean at Crescent Beach and have had a home there since the mid 70s.  She is broker and general manager of Crescent Beach Realty.

Ronnie Tumlin is a graduate of the University of South Florida in 1971 and has had numerous careers ranging from owning and building two radio stations, boat dealerships, owning commercial real estate and today is just a regular old real estate agent who enjoys finding deals for buyers looking for something around the beach area.  He has sold all his businesses and this is his only calling for the present.

Ronnie's hobbies include snow skiing (says he is a terminal advanced intermediate who likes groomed fast slopes), fishing both inshore and offshore (pretty good fisherman), scuba diving (expert), spear fishing (expert)and golfing.....ah yes the golf game...  Ronnie is a former Florida Mid Amateur state champion, has won over 150 amateur golfing championships in 7 different states since 1968.  Has played on several international teams, has qualified for and played in numerous U.S.G.A. national championships.  If you want to know about golf course communities in North Florida, look no further.  He is currently a member at Marsh Creek CC here on Anastasia Island, it is a good golf course that plays different every day due to the variable winds that come from different directions during the day to keep things interesting.


Most agents who tell you they specialize in "waterfront" properties want you to believe that is all they do....hogwash....Ronnie Tumlin lives at the beach, works at the beach, fishes at the beach, golfs at the beach.  So if I tell you I specialize in beach properpties it is a fact.  If you have property across town you want to sell or look at fine, I'll take a look but I'll tell you right up front I ain't no expert across town....I am an expert at the beach and you can take that to the bank.  I particularly like to sell condos on the beach and Anastasia Island because they are a controlled can't add a pool, you don't need a survey, you can't add a is what you get and that is it....what I have to do is match your family and personality to a particular want one that has alot of young kids, or mostly quiet retired adults?  You want ocean front so you can spit on the beach?  Or just somewhere "close" is okay....the price has everything to do with what you need 3 bedrooms or just want 3 bedrooms...the price difference is huge.  You wanted gated or informal? You want to be close to the grocery store?  or down near the state park?  You want on the quiet part of the beach or where the surfers and all the action is? Alot of one on one discussions figure into choosing the right condo...kind of like a car....a car is not a car....a car is part of your needs to fit you, the family, the dog,  your needs.  Same with a condo.  I can't tell you how often people get a condo and later figure out they should have bought in a different complex or area of this great beach of ours...their agent didn't go far enough with the details.  I also like to sell homes at the Country Club here on the island....Marsh Creek has 600 homes but most residents don't play golf and couldn't care a lick about being on the golf want deer sleeping in your backyard?  Let's look in this want to walk out the door with your putter and go practice?  Let's look here,  and so on.  Ronnie Tumlin is not the pushy sort, I simply like to match you up with what I think you will like and let you make the call....I never sell a piece of property, I simply find it for you and it sells itself or it doesn't.  I guess you could say I specialize in matching the buyer to the right piece of property so there is no mistake....most of the time....


Ronnie Tumlin is a licensed realtor who works St. Augustine Beach, Crescent Beach and Marsh Creek Country Club. Licensed since 1996 and has sold over 40 million in properties at the beaches