Lisa Siranovich (Sail Mortgage)

11269 Perry Hwy

Suite 135

Wexford , PA 15090

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Provide mortgages for residential and commercial properties. Assist real estate agents in getting more qualified buyers to place winning offers on homes that get them sold!

Get to know Lisa Siranovich

Have worked in the mortgage business for over 20 years.  Understand the ever changing dynamics of obtaining financing and getting a deal closed.  Have experienced "big banks" with work at Chase and Mellon.  Understand the value that can be offered to a client by working with a mortgage bank, like Sail Mortgage.


Have a great deal of experience in Jumbo Mortgages (above $417,000) but still understand the nuance of FHA loans.  I am able to listen to what a client requests but experienced and confident enough to offer some other suggestions that may maximize cash flow, savings or tax consequences.  Always looking to share my experience as a loan officer, home owner and professional.

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