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Sarah Eubanks
Preferred Oregon Loan Consultant & Notary Public
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Get to Know Sarah Eubanks

I am a mortgage professional who got into this business as a result of too many people being ripped off.  We have a name for them ~ predatory lenders.   While many in my industry were upset with the newest legislation, I welcome it.  You see, I have absolutely nothing to hide. 

I was asked to describe why you may want to work with me, and this is the honest truth.  I desire to give above and beyond industry standards.  I give guarantees that I have never heard of before.  I guarantee that I will answer your phone call within an hour.  If I have not done so, I will be buying you a Starbucks gift card as an apology.  To date, I have never had to buy one, but hey...there are always firsts!  ;-)  I guarantee that you will understand all aspects of your loan, and that you will be satisfied with it.  Again, a $100.00 gift card will be awarded if that is not the case.  This one, however, will be for a dinner out on the town.  The restaurant will be of your choosing.  I do not believe that this guarantee will ever have a first, but you are certainly welcome to try!  Finally, I guarantee that for every referral you give to me, and I am able to earn that person's business, that you will become part of my referral network, and you will have VIP access to my parties during summer and the holiday season, as well as fun, miscellaneous bonuses throughout the year!

Check out my website at, to learn more about me.  Or, you are always welcome to try out my cell phone guarantee by phoning me at 503.442.1349,  I will be waiting to hear from you soon...


I have many areas of expertise, and I am always looking to add to them.  To be successful in anything, it is very important to create a niche for yourself.  As a result, I chose to do so in a few completely separate arenas...

I have had several times where someone has needed help obtaining financing for a manufactured home.  Some are in poarks, some are on real property, and some (the hardest) are with hardship permits.  When I was told that it was impossible, I have always found a way to get financing for my clients.  I know the industry and the lenders.  I know what they are looking for, and I know what they do.  We can find  a great loan program for those of you looking to finance a manufactured or mobile home.  It is not as hard as it once was.  There are now lenders who will give you a very fair interest more having to obtain a personal loan.  I would love to talk with you about how I can help in that area.  Further, if you know of someone, please refer them to my site here or at

Another area of expertise is in new construction.  Whether you need help to develop land, need a commercial loan to construct a new home, are an owner who wants to build your own home, or anything else, I have had a lot of experience and education in those fields specifically.  A construction loan is a different breed, but it is one that is easy to navigate when a good loan officer helps walk you through the process.  Additionally, I do not bring to the table only my knowledge and abilities, I also enlist the help of many others (realtors, counties, cities, title companies, etc.) ~ this helps the  project become successful from beginning to end!  BTW, as of October 2007, I will be facilitating a construction loan of my own!  So, now I can identify on a personal level and I can share your "pain" -- but hey, "No pain ~ No Gain!", right?!?!?

Finally, I love purchases!  Please send me all of your purchases, and all of the referrals you can think of.  Whoever said that you cannot have your cake and eat it too, did not know me very well.  It is my greatest thrill to save a borrower gobs of money, and still give them their dream.  I got into this business to not screw people over.  Instead, I ask my clients to participate in the decision of how they want to pay me.  I show the interest rate sheet to them.  We talk, and reach joint decisions!  I want them to refer me to their friends and family, so I want for them to be completely happy with me and my services!

In side news, I also have my notary stamp.  In this industry, I want to be as broad in scope as possible.  Therefore, if my client needs something and I have means to accomplish that, I will.  So, if you ever need something notarized, please do not hesitate to phone me, as notarizing documents is just another of the many bonuses I bring to the that not too many in my career care to provide to their clients (and friends)!  For more information on me, please feel free to check out my website at, or phone me at 503.442.1349!


I am committed to providing great customer service, & doing so at a phenomenal cost to my clients who become friends. We will be a team achieving our goals together. That is my promise to you! :-)