Darrell Calloway (Seed of The World Foundation, Inc.)

6206 Woodland Forest

Houston , TX 77088

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We are a IRS 561 Exchange compliant 501(c)(3) nonprofit that takes in under used properties nationwide as a donation for tax deductions. Please visit our website to gain more knowledge on the IRS 561

Get to know Darrell Calloway

I started in Real Estate in 1989 as a investor, made a bid on a RTC property as a joke and won the bid on a $3,500,000 21 story 72% occ. office building. Went on to purchase over 600 investment properties, until in 2005 when I decided that I did not want to hold mortgage notes or be a landlord anymore, and went back into the automobile business. In 2007 I tried to purchase a 501(c)(3) from a gentlemen in Atlanta GA, but the sell just could not come together.  So in 2008 I decided to form my owe non profit and Seed of The World was born.


As a IRS Publication 561 compliant non profit we deal with properties that are setting vacant in areas where a vacant property is death to the area. We take that property on donantion and give the donor a tax deduction up to 100% of the appraised value. In todays market the carrying costs of a empty building can be in the thousands per month. We take the property and bring it back on online by low rent to area businesses or in some cases no rent. Once again please visit our website to gain more knowledge on the IRS Publication 561 Exchange.

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