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This is Shail Anderson your Loan Processor!!! We received your request for a Mortgage Refinance through Lending Tree.Com and as mentioned by my senior loan officer I would be the initial point of contact for you. We have studied your profile and after going through the information you provided we can certainly work out numerous products with competitive interest rates.

you can call me back on the numbers mentioned below or email me so we can proceed with your loan application. To know more about our firm you can visit

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•·         Faster turn around time

•·         Competitive closing costs

•·         Closing with 10 Working Days (W/ Appraisal & Title)



Our Key Result Area


•1)     Through economies of scale, we offer some of the most competitive rates and costs available anywhere Nationwide. (This will be very evident when viewing our loan offer)


•2)     The volume of transactions we handle serves to sharpen skills, increase knowledge, and create efficiencies among the people who will be preparing your loan. In short, we do this a lot, and we do it well.


•3)     Our loan approval process surprises most borrowers with how simple and easy it really is. You'll be surprised too.


So relax. If our offer is better, take it. 


The process that follows is simple and hassle free, and it starts with the call you will get immediately following your saying "yes" and trusting us to deliver on my promise.



Sincerely,Shail Anderson

Loan Processor

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Full Doc up to 95% Purchase. ( 80% for NOO Properties) Full doc up to 95% rate and term refinance. ( 80% for NOO Properties) Full doc up to 95% cash out refinance. ( 80% for NOO Properties) FHA 97% Purchase with scores of 540 & Above FHA 97% for Rate/Term & 95% for Cashout. (Expect for state of Texas where we cant do Cashout on FHA Loans) Stated with scores more than 730 @ 70% LTV.( Primary & Second Home only) All kinds of FHA products. All kinds of Conventional products. All kinds of USDA loans. All kinds of VA Products

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