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Get to know Scott Hudspeth

 Founder of Agent Mastermind, Scott Hudspeth doesn’t fit in to any one box.  He’s more of an “All of the Above,” kind of guy. Ok, maybe more like “Most of the Above.” He’s just very difficult to label. 


Scott started his distinguished career as a loan officer in 2003. He was closing ten loans a month by his fourth month in business.  Within two years, he averaged $25 million annually helping countless people to gain the finances they needed for their dream homes and lives. His personal best month ended with forty-two closed loans. But that was not enough. 


Even with such a strong start to his career, Scott knew he was destined to help even more people. With a thirst for something more, he went on to become a strategist, coach, mentor, friend and supporter to thousands of loan officers and real estate agents throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Through it all Scott has maintained one philosophy: Helping people to grow and succeed is the only reward needed in life. In his professional life, he does this primarily through Agent Mastermind and the Mortgage Marketing Animals.


Scott uses creativity and tenacity to help those who turn to him for direction explode their businesses with new tools, systems and methods. He has worked to develop new online strategies to open up local agents to the world. He inspires people to step out of their comfort zones while going after their passion. His proven path to success has made him someone people from all over the United States and Canada turn to for direction.


Scott wears many hats. But each of these hats provides him with the opportunity to help and change more lives. Thousands trust him to lead them on to further career success. Scott is in it to win it, and he wants to show everyone else how to do the same.


To work with Scott or see him in action, visit: 

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Scott believes that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we as a group are helping others to succeed. Scott believes that our collective success will far exceed our individual successes. 

Scott believes that success is dynamic. It does not stand still. Each of us is constantly either becoming more successful or less successful. On its own, an ember cools and the heat it produces dies away. But as part of a collection of other burning embers, the heat builds and provides warmth for those around it. Scott focuses on the now marketing that helps Agents and Loan Officers generate more leads using up to date systems, tools and strategies that tie in social media and technology.