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Christopher Winkler
Real Estate Investments Without Getting Dirty
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Get to Know Christopher Winkler

I am married to a wonderful woman named Mindy, who is from Viet Nam, and we are debating a move to Dallas. After my Honorable Discharge from the US Army in 1981, a friend of a friend said I should get into sales. So I have sold everything from a $100 box of filet mignon's, to $1,000 Kirby vacuum cleaners, to $100,000 computer chip pick & place machines, and everthing inbetween. 

Raised over $20 million dollars in private equity in the 1990's with my team for early stage companies as a licensed broker. Was never really interested in fixing up houses, and in 2013 learned about real estate notes as a way to invest in real estate without getting dirty. Started studying the real estate and note business at the end of 2013, and in 2014 started the migration to full time note buyer.

Notes, backed by the underlying property is an excellent way to invest in Real Estate without the hassles of tennants, toilets, and termites. We seek joint venture partners to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make substantial returns working out the toxic assets that are not performing. We are looking to make relationships with Real Estate professionals from brokers to help us sell foreclosed houses, to lawyers who can help with foreclosures, and title companies to help with the sale and transfer of the assets quickly when we need to liquidate.

We are focusing on the following States at this time: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tenessee and if you can help us move property in these states, give us a shout.


I buy notes full time, and Silverwood Capital, LLC is a nationwide buyer of toxic, non performing notes on residential and commercial properties for our own portfolio and JV Partners.