Janet Guilbault, San Francisco Bay Area Direct Mortgage Lender ( Guild Mortgage)
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Mortgage Banker and direct lender based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Positive and strategic thinker with over 25 years of experience in credit, finance, and real estate.

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When it comes to real estate, I am uniquely qualified to provide cutting edge strategies and solutions in the arena of mortgage financing.

I began my career as a Realtor at an early age, eventually being licensed in 3 states. My husband and I then became the owners of a successful auto leasing company here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden Bear Auto Leasing. 

Here, I specialized in the financing aspect of the automotive business, securing auto loans and leases for hundreds of California individuals and businesses. My  auto leasing clients were inherited by Howard Guilbault, my husband, and the President of Golden Bear Auto Leasing. 

Coming full circle, I again joined the real estate industry, this time on the mortgage side, taking advantage of my expertise in the credit world, as well as my past experience as a real estate agent.

Having spent my entire career around the 2 biggest assets in most people's lives, I fully understand the emotional nature of such an important transaction, real estate negotiations, and the vital role of creating strategies to secure the absolute BEST financing scenario to meet both immediate and long term goals.

I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, 25+ years experience as a California business owner, and have won numerous awards for outstanding sales, marketing, and client satisfaction. I have an extensive background in journalism, and have written extensively about issues related to buying, selling, and financing California real estate.

My mission is to provide the optimum solution to your real estate financing needs, and to be a trusted advocate and advisor, not only for one transaction, but for life.




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As a former real estate agent myself, I understand very well the trust and teamwork required to take a signed contract to a funded loan. After handling thousands of transactions during my career in the finance industry (including good markets, bad markets, and everything in between) I have developed success strategies that WORK for not only the buyer/borrower, but for the real estate agent as well.

Janet's Mortgage Manifesto:

1. THE TEAM CONCEPT. Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Professionals become a team when buyer is in contract, and a loan is in process. They work WITH each other, not AGAINST each other. This is applicable if real estate agent referred the mortgage professional, or if client chose the mortgage professional herself. Mutual respect is not only a professional courtesy, it is what the client deserves.

2. THE ULTIMATE GOAL. The stated GOAL of the team goes beyond FUNDING the loan, and closing the transaction. It also includes providing such a good experience for our mutual client that they are eager to refer business, and become bonded to us as their real estate professionals.

3. THE GUIDING LIGHT. Decisions are made together based on this question: "What is best for the client?"

4. COMMUNICATION. There is no such thing as over-communication. Information about the progress of the loan should be provided to the real estate agent on a daily basis when the client is in contract.  All calls are returned within the same day they are received. All questions are answered willingly, and both good and bad news are delivered promptly.

5. THE PRE-APPROVAL. A pre-approval letter should be DETAILED and not generic. These details should include exactly what documents the client has provided (income and asset verifications), an idea of credit scores, whether approval is from an automated source (DO/DU), an underwriter, or the mortgage professional. If conditions on the approval are outstanding, this should be stated as well. Type of loan, rate, and amount of loan are included, along with complete contact information for the mortgage professional.

6. THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD NEVER BE MISSING IN ACTION. Realtor should have access to the clients GFE (Good Faith Estimate), and mortgage broker should provide this document for review by the Realtor at the beginning of the transaction.

7. HOW TO ELIMINATE SURPRISES AT THE CLOSING TABLE. Closing documents should be provided to the Realtor AND the client BEFORE the signing via e-mail. There should NEVER be surprises at the closing table.

8. GIVING CLIENTS SECURITY AND SUPPORT WHEN THEY NEED IT THE MOST. Mortgage professional should be at the closing, in person.

9. PROMOTING THE REALTOR. Mortgage professional is the one handling the loan, NOT the real estate transaction, and never steps outside of this role. At every step of the way, the mortgage professional is there to promote the Realtor in the eyes of the client, and respects his authority in the transaction.

10. ON TIME AND HERE'S WHY. Time is of the essence, and every day matters when a contract is ticking. Loans close ON TIME because the mortgage professional provides a detailed time line to the Realtor from the beginning, and adheres to the schedule with the support of the Realtor.



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