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SMH Commercial Real Estate has served at the pleasure of Rapid City and Black Hills residents for 16 years. We are a well established commercial, industrial and mortgage services brokerage practice.

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SMH Commercial Real Estate (SMHCRE) is a commercial brokerage practice conducting business in the field of commercial and industrial real estate Brokerage.  We are a 16 year old practice wholly operational in the field of commercial real estate and Commercial financial services.With the certainty of today's fast paced technology and high degree of informed borrowers, buyers and sellers, SMHCRE believes big budget advertising is no substitute for experience, skill or determination.  From Fortune 500 companies to small business operators, it has been our pleasure serving Rapid City and the Black Hills region.The value of experience and satisfaction of accomplishment has been the driving force behind our success.  I believe commercial brokerage requires an ability to deliver a depth of knowledge in a specific field as opposed to a general understanding of the industry.  The antiquated belief that the only difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate is location, simply does not rise to the level of our thinking.  To that end, we have endeavored to perfect our services by providing our best possible assistance and reliable information to our clients and customers.  We are dedicated to our commercial brokerage practice, our only practice.

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Professional ServicesTogether with our traditional commercial brokerage services, SMHCRE extends a number of related professional services to our clients and customers.  These services are generally related to pending transactions or fully documented proceedings.  However such services are available to the consumer at large by logging-on to our SMH Brokerage web-site page: Business PlanOur professionally prepared business plans precisely define business functions, factually illustrate projected income streams, define debt service solutions, and in many ways serve as a business resume.  Our work will serve as a guide for allocating resources, circumvent judgment errors, improve critical decision making and provide specific organized historical information about the business operation.Market Assessment SurveysOur market research projects embody community growth patterns, financial viability, area demographics, relative market value indicators and other factors which are collectively linked to target properties.  Documentation and research information sources are thoroughly explored pursuant to commencement of the assignment.  Our surveys include a minimum 2,000 word narrative describing the target property, general economic trace charts, GIS  maps, census data and other relative information. We also include commercial financing research, market assessment surveys and Bank photo research surveys.  We extend theses services to our clients and customers as an integrated component to traditional real estate transactions.Mortgage ServicesSMH Commercial Real Estate is constantly searching the market for new commercial funding sources.  Together with our traditional brokerage services, we link property acquisition transaction to commercial lenders and Mortgage Brokers.  Such services are available for prospective Clients' to pre-qualify commercial loan proposals on our Mortgage Services page on our web-site as a integrated function of SMHCRE. Commercial Loan ProposalsOur commercial loan proposals endeavor to increase lender interest in borrowers seeking business start up funds for entrepreneurial projects or existing business expansion financing projects.  To often  the information borrowers submit to lenders is not far-reaching enough to circumvent delays or prevent loan rejections.  Lenders want to fund loans, but too often worthy loan proposals are rejected arising from ill-prepared research and required documentation.  A well written commercial loan proposal defines a borrower's objective and illuminates a borrower assets which greatly increase borrowing power. Lenders depend on credible information and an orderly assembly of the same.
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