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Communication and sales through education is my true love. Blogging is my passion, the art of placing thought and voice to written word for all to read.

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I see humor in almost everything in life.  Very driven and determined I let nothing stop me from obtaining my goals by finding creative and often obscure solutions. I love playing Chess, hiking, camping and love mineral and gem collecting.  Social media marketing was something I knew little about before joining ActiveRain.  The art of communication has fascinated me and has driven me to jobs where I could cultivate, learn and grow in my art.  Every day i'm glad I was introduced to a social media marketing company

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I started in this industry twelve years ago as a telemarketer cold calling home owners. My objective was to explain the need for these homeowners to drive into our office to get a loan proposal from the mortgage company that I worked for.  I quickly rose to become the manger of twenty of the company's top phone sales reps.  After three years I started my first mortgage company with only one employee. In three years that company grew to over thirty employees.  Priding ourselves with full disclosure of all loan details, honesty and becoming masters of obtaining “the best” sub prime loans I had to close our doors one year after the sub prime collapse.  If I had known of social media marketing companies like activerain I would have been able to lower my cost of obtaining my leads and keep our doors open.



I decided to become a real estate agent (it couldn’t be that hard right?) At this time I knew nothing about social media marketing nor did I even have a website.  Taking my top marketer from my mortgage company I quickly obtained over 30 listings in my first month of being an agent.  Trying to still help the homeowners who could no longer refinance I was doing a ton of short sales (before it was so main stream).  It was then that I learned about ActiveRain and am now hooked on social media marketing and the blogging world.


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