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Every mortgage broker or lender claims to have the most competitive rates, the BEST service, the most experience, or something along those lines. Some will claim to specialize in bad credit, luxury homes, or investor properties. And still others will try and woo you with their credentials and professional associations. 

Can I honestly make these claims too? Sure. But....SO WHAT??!!

What does that really mean to you? Not much. What part of those claims guarantees you anything? Nothing!

I don't believe in fluff and posturing. I don't like to hear it, and I don't give it. There are only two things that really matter: results and satisfaction. We specialize in finding solutions, not "selling" loans. If you need to be sold, I will happily refer you to (oops...they went out of business), (check the consumer complaints), or any other qualified mortgage company, because we are not salespeople and won't be able to help you.

We don't make many promises save these few:

We will not waste your time.We will tell you everything you want to know as well as everything you need to know.You WILL understand your mortgage process and anything you sign.We will be ready to close on timeWe will help you structure a true financial plan to make the most of your investment.

We concentrate on providing new home buyers, current homeonwners, and investors with solutions to their mortgage and long term financial goals. It is not good enough for us to get a client a mortgage that just "works" or that they qualify for. We look for and provide solutions that will further their total financial goals. We offer scenarios that will provide benefits for the present with a plan for the future.

The fact of the matter is that mortgage rates have increased, on the whole, by about 1.5-2 percentage points over this time last year. That is a hard and unwavering fact. We don't shy away from this and we are not here to mislead clients in this climate of "bait and switch" that many lenders practice.(offering one rate to get people in the door, and then changing because they don't "qualify"  for the advertised offer.)

With the understanding of the current markets, we educate our clients on how to still make financially sound decisions in this market of rising interest rates. We pride ourselves on taking ordinary (non-millionaires like you and me) citizens and showing them how to use their homes as the real estate INVESTMENT it is.

When choosing a mortgage professional the real question to be answered is...Would you just like a loan, or would you like to take your first step towards stability and security?

Although I concentrate on Mid-Atlantic and East Coast states, as a federally chartered bank, we can lend in any state!

What can we do for you?

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We provide a comprehensive client/sales development  program that is a proven method of increasing your production as much as 70%.

Perhaps your production has dipped in this current market or maybe you just want an increase to your production and raise your sales goals?

We have some free tools that will help you to increase your open house traffic, effectively capture contact information, follow up with prospects, and then convert them into actual clients. 

This series is a full suite of effectie and proven tools meant to help ANY real estate agent improve their production.

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