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Since 1996 I have helped thousands of clients purchase and refinance homes. I specialize in first time home buyers, with plenty of products to chose from. FHA, VA and rural housing are very popular,

Get to know Shane Bodenheimer

If you are purchasing or refinancing a primary residence, second home, or investment property, or seeking a home equity or home improvement loan, a Silver Stone Mortgage professional can help guide you through the lending process. Our diverse product portfolio combines flexible programs with competitive rates, and enables our knowledgable mortgage specialists to find the ideal solution to satisfy your lending needs.

Silver Stone Mortgage is committed to providing extraordinary customer service by making our customers' satisfaction the top priority. Silver Stone is also dedicated to delivering quality mortgage solutions that support you in Opening Doors to Home Ownership.

You can reach me by calling: 920-832-1885. You can also email me at, ALSO FEEL FREE TO CALL AFTER HOURS OR ANYTIME ON MY CELL PHONE...(920)540-0605.



FHA Loan

Loan Features

Low down payment Flexible income, debt, and credit requirements Downpayments may be funded by a gift or loan

Best For

Homebuyers with limited savings Low to moderate income homebuyers

VA Loan

Loan Features

No down payment required Flexible income, debt, and credit requirements Downpayments may be funded by a gift or loan

Best For

Qualified veterans, reservists, active service members and their spouses Eligible first or second time homebuyers who have low to moderate income

Jumbo Loan

Loan Features

Mortgage amounts in excess of the conforming limit of $417,000 for a one-unit property Typically carry higher interest rates Also know as non-conforming loans

Best For

Homebuyers who need financing to purchase an expensive property Investment-minded buyers who can afford a large purchase, but want to leverage assets more effectively

Fixed Rate

Loan Features

Predictable payments Fixed payments Protection against rising interest rates

Best For

Homebuyers who prefer regular, fixed payments Homebuyers with limited income Homebuyers who plan to stay in their home for many years

Adjustable Rate

Loan Features

Early term low monthly payments Qualification based on lower initial payment, so loan can be larger A variety of initial fixed rate options

Best For

Homebuyers who need more than they can qualify for with a fixed rate Homebuyers who want to save money in the short run Homebuyers who want to move in a few years

Other Services

"First Step" Pre-Approvals

A new service which eliminates home buying stress for the buyer, the seller and the Realtor by offering mortgage loan credit approval to qualified buyers before securing a property.

Complimentary Consultation

Silver Stone Mortgage will analyze and review home buyer's residential purchasing options at no charge and with no obligation.

Flexible Appointments

Applications can be taken over the phone, at our branch office, at the buyer's home, or at their Realtor's office.

Fast Approvals

Same day credit approvals for qualified buyers.

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