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We provide a solution for real estate agents, tenants, landlords and home owners. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best service in the industry. We care about our clients needs and goals.

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The team at Outreach Property Solutions is dedicated to finding quality housing for quality tenants. Our services resolve problems for landlords, tenants, home owners and real estate agents. We are not just a tenant locating service. We provide so much more. We are professionals in the credit repair industry. As a service to our landlords we work diligently with our potential lease purchase tenants to ensure they are choosing a home they can afford and will purchase that home at the end or before the end of the contract.  We assist them in the entire process of repairing their credit and financial planning.    Our services are a tremendous asset to the real estate agent that has a listing that is about expire and the owner must do something quick. We can find a quality Lease Purchase tenant and place them in that home saving the homeowner from loosing the home and also ensuring the agent will make a commission instead of loosing the entire deal. We aspire to make every situation a winning one for each party involved.

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We offer tenant placement and marketing services. We specialize in working with agents that have listing that are expiring or clients that are upside down in the ownership situation.  The team at OPS resolves real estate problems. We are experts in helping people achieve homeownership. As consultants to home owners we can show them a way to get on with their life and releive the burdon of homeownership in a stressful situation. We are the link between agents loosing a listing and making a commission.  We create cash flow for lanlords by finding good quality tenants that will take care of their home and make the monthly payment on time each month.  Our professional team of consultants can resolve your real estate problems.

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